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SANDIWA Cultural Society of Calgary – Working together for a better World

Change begins with a single step – SANDIWA believes that each step of volunteerism is valuable in pursuing greater objectives. Each contribution, each person, each good deed is valued. The spirit of volunteerism lays a strong foundation for the attainment and realization of SANDIWA’s vision – culture-rich, relevant, and world-changing activities to improve the general human condition.

If you have the time and effort to spare, SANDIWA offers you a world of rare opportunities and the power to contribute what you have to make this world a better place to live in for everybody. SANDIWA brings together volunteers from different walks of life through a common goal. Together, you will meet and get to work with different people, broadening your perspectives. You can also improve your skills or develop your potentials in different fields – sports, music, dance, and others. You can take part in different festivals, join pageants, and participate in outreach activities.

SANDIWA makes volunteerism and the attainment of its vision a fun learning experience that allows you to leave your mark in this world. Some of its facilitated activities are cultural festivals, youth leadership summits, senior citizen cooperatives, outreach, and other activities, gatherings and events for community volunteers, and different outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and hunting.

This non-profit organization aims to welcome and include everyone in realizing its goals of a peaceful, prosperous, and harmonious living. People from different parts of the world, different economic status, and different ages are invited to join – the youth, new immigrants, the elderly, and foreign workers especially caregivers, nannies, and health care providers.

Your services are deeply appreciated as you can contribute greatly to the success of the organization with your skills. Such service providers are built with a perfectly charitable, loving, and compassionate heart especially for those who are in need – exactly the people who are in the center of the whole organization.

SANDIWA invites you to help us enrich and sustain the Filipino culture through different events that will educate everybody and develop their awareness and appreciation of the Filipino music, arts, sports, and theatre art.


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